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Raccoon Entertainment Ltd. is a mobile game developing and operating company, headquartered in British Columbia of Canada. The company's main business is the development and distribution of mobile games

NexGami is a community-driven Web3 gaming platform, dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional gaming and the Web3 ecosystem, with a mission to revolutionize the traditional game publishing market. Our offering is akin to the Web3 realm's "Steam+Twitch," yet our services extend further to include robust game project incubation. Every game incubated through our platform receives comprehensive Web3 services ranging from financing to token issuance, IDOs, CEX listings, and market making strategies. A significant portion of the service fees earned is distributed as dividends to NexGami token holders. Core functionalities include a game listing, Launchpad, light e-sports, live streaming and short videos, as well as Token and NFT trading markets. 

Our in-house developed game, MetaVirus, underwent a beta test in December 2023, attracting over 350,000 user registrations, with 71,308 participants in the XP event, minting Genesis pet NFTs. In early March 2024, our first officially launched game, MetaMyth, showcased stellar performance with over 470,000 registrations, more than 28,000 paying users, and a recharge volume of $1.27M within a week.

Game Products

NexGami's first officially released game, MetaMyth, has been online for seven days and has achieved the following performance: over 500K registrations, more than 31K depositors, and a total top-up amount exceeding US$1.42 million.

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MataVirus, one of our most popular game products, is a blockchain mobile online game targeting traditional gamers. Here, players can catch and collect almost any kind of deadly virus that exists in the world today and help human scientists create and nourish the viral antibodies through experiments. Then, players can lead the antibodies to fight back against the virus that threatens humankind. 

The idea for ​​the virus theme in MetaVirus came from two inspirations: one is the novel coronavirus that started in 2019 and, due to the proliferation of numerous variants, is still bringing illness and misery to communities around the world well into 2022. The other inspiration came from the concept of "viral marketing". Our hope, through the creation of MetaVirus, people around the world can take a break from the powerful enemy we are enduring. We also hope the game spreads quickly through a marketing model designed to imitate a real virus and ultimately serves a huge number of players. 

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